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What We Do


Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently asked questions

Are we resellers of communication services?

No. We are knowledgeable consulting agents representing telecommunications and technology service providers. We have access to the same products and services without the bias. Your actual telecom and data service, as well as billing, will be provided directly by the service provider you choose. Carrier Dynamics will remain as your advocate to assist with implementation, on-going support, and to act as a liaison between you and your service provider. If you call us with a question or problem, you’ll speak to a real person, one of the members of your individual account team.

Does it cost extra to use Carrier Dynamics for my carrier services?

No. Our consulting services including savings analysis, quotes, and network design are absolutely FREE. To ensure your technology services make sense for the long term. We methodically review your costs to make sure you continue to get the best price and services. As your business grows, so will your needs, and that may mean different providers and services, which we will help you navigate. Our primary objective is to source and provide you with the best solutions and pricing available from various technology service providers and being your advocate for the long term to support you.

What is the advantage of working with Carrier Dynamics vs. working with communications service providers directly?

Carrier Dynamics represents your best interests first; which means we work closely with you to custom design the technology services for your specific needs at a price that makes sense. We are knowledgeable regarding competitive pricing, special promotions, and negotiating with each of the service providers we represent, which ultimately means a cost advantage by working with Carrier Dynamics

Why should I choose Carrier Dynamics?

Your Carrier Dynamics account team serves as your advocate every step of the way, from baseline inventory,contract negotiations, to network configurations. We perform bill reviews and other value-added services that save you money and free you up from fine print, so that you can focus on growing your business. Solving customers' business needs and supporting customer's requirements with exceptional, personalized service is the mission of the business. Our focus is to work through the ever changing business and technology evolution that exists today. We offer unbiased recommendations based on provider strengths, pricing and ability to provide post-sale support ​​Our Team has decades of experience using proprietary methodologies to analyze and employ expense reduction and introduce new technologies to our clients.​ We attend several vendor and technology conferences and throughout the year and continually monitor the latest technologies, and trends from the industry's leading providers. This combination of talent and representation allows us to offer our clients and unbiased educated response to address thier requirements now and well into the future.